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Bowling Resumes at Pinstripes

 | Published on 6/5/2021
Everything is still $12 for us and includes lunch and non-alcoholic beverages, plus socks and rental of balls and shoes. Obviously, there is no buffet. You place your order when the server comes to your lane, and it's delivered to you. The menu is listed below—price for us may vary slightly depending on what you order.

Pinstripes said they are constantly spraying and cleaning all of the surfaces, equipment, etc. As for the balls, after people use them, they are cleaned. As for people putting their hands in multiple balls, they can't prevent that, nor can they follow behind someone as they try out different balls. A suggestion is to wear a surgical glove to bowl with or while finding a suitable ball.

If you’re vaccinated and feel comfortable, join the group on June 14, July 12, and August 9.